Agtech Hub Making a Difference

The virtual Agtech Hub in the GW region will allow people to connect not only with other farmers, industry, innovators, government and researchers in the region but also due to the virtual nature of the hub with these groups in other parts of Queensland, Australia and potentially internationally.

Amanda Lavarack

Principal Economic Development Officer

Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning

Farmers are crying out for innovative agtech to drive their farms into the next century. There is a real opportunity for farmers and activators to collaborate on exciting new agtech projects.

Agtech will go some way in reducing our dependency on a migratory workforce that has become over-reliant on backpackers to fill regional vacancies. Agtech on farms can also improve production output and quality, reducing overall costs and making farming viable long into the future.

David Shorten

Regional Development Officer

Bowen Gumlu Growers Association

The main aim of the Greater Whitsunday Agtech Hub is to be the central source of information for ‘Agtech Activators’, producers, and others in our agtech ecosystem to contact for assistance in using digital technologies to improve the efficiency and productivity of the industry.

Digital technologies opportunities in agriculture are enormous and span the digital spectrum, from sensors that monitor plant health and animal health, to autonomous tractors.

Rick Hospers

Regional Business Lead

NBN Local

I would tell people to get involved in this community to be a part of the region’s farming and supply chain future, help shape industry through your knowledge and actions, access support services and to develop ideas and find funding opportunities.

Ross Neivandt

Principal Scientist

Catchment Solutions

By taking part in the Agtech Hub community will help share ideas and experiences of different technology that may not have been trialled by our industry, but have the potential to be valuable.

Dylan Wedel

District Manager - Central

Sugar Research Australia

This is your chance to get involved to share your wins, challenges and insights with a community of people who understand your business, regional and industry with a focus on solving real problems through the development, adoption and evolution of agritech solutions.

Sonya Comiskey

Founder and Managing Director

Pine Tree Projects

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