Grants and Funding to Get Farmers Your Agtech Solution

Whether you’re starting up your own agtech solution or implementing an existing one, the agtech industry is supported by more grants than any other.

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Sustainable Agriculture Program: Small Grants

Climate-Smart Agriculture Program – Small Grants Round 1 closing 4 June 2024 – This Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry program supports Australian farmers and landholders in adopting sustainable agriculture practices to enhance natural resource management and climate resilience. Grants between $10,000 and $100,000 (GST exclusive) are available from a total funding pool of $13 million over four years, with Round 1 offering up to $4.33 million.

Eligible activities include:

  • Biodiversity fencing
  • Best practice site establishment
  • Soil management trials
  • Engagement of youth, women, and First Nations peoples

For a detailed breakdown of the grant opportunity, visit The Greater Whitsunday Grant Guru and create a free login, or apply directly here.

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Where To Find Funding

Did you know there is often more than 5,000 grants worth at least $87 billion available in Australia from both government and private sources?

The Greater Whitsunday Grant Finder platform has been developed through a shared vision to empower our regional businesses and community members with access to funding opportunities.

The Greater Whitsunday Grant Finder allows you to find grants from federal, state and local government, corporate and philanthropic organisations, as well as rebates, concessions, awards, scholarships and more.

There are a range of ways to search for grants and funding. To make it easier to find something suited to your business or organisation’s project or initiative, you can find all the grants right here with the Greater Whitsunday Grant Finder. The Grant Finder is a joint initiative of the Mackay Isaac and Whitsunday Regional Councils, facilitated by Greater Whitsunday Alliance (GW3).

The site’s easy-to-navigate search function allows you to search by location, industry or activity. Save selected grants to a favourites list, keep track of opening and closing dates on the grant calendar and sign up for email alerts. Need help applying? Meet the Grant and Tender Services Network — Greater Whitsunday Alliance

Greater Whitsunday Grant Finder

Can’t find the right agtech solution?

Agtech Finder is an independent marketplace to search, sort and compare agtech solutions. Whether you’re looking for a company providing drone services or a farm management software solution, Agtech Finder

AgTech Finder is Australia’s most comprehensive agtech database featuring products and companies servicing aquaculture, broadacre farming, horticulture, livestock and sugarcane sectors.

Agtech Finder

Agtech Ecosystem

Do you feel overburden with the options when navigating what agtech to implement in your operations?

It can be beneficial to talk to others in Australia’s agtech ecosystem, who can share their experiences about the types of technology used in their operations.



Also, learn first-hand advice from our Greater Whitsunday agtech community to help you troubleshoot issues, learn from others’ mistakes, and exchange tips and tricks to fine-tune your agtech solution.

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