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Greater Whitsunday region features in The Queensland AgTech Roadmap

19 February 2024

Greater Whitsunday region features in The Queensland AgTech Roadmap | Agtech Hub

TWO leading Greater Whitsunday region AgTech change champions, EHS Manufacturing and Tassal Group have been featured in the Queensland AgTech Roadmap 2023-2028.

Initiative of the Queensland Government, the roadmap sets out to create a vision and path to accelerate AgTech innovation and adoption in Queensland.

By strengthening collaboration across the AgTech ecosystem and adopting, adapting, and advancing technological innovations, Queensland will become a destination for the development and export of world leading AgTech.

And it is the Greater Whitsunday region that is leading the way with companies such as EHS Manufacturing inspiring innovation in the workplace and Tassal Group with their smart prawn farm platform.

EHS Manufacturing spent the first 10 of its 22 years in business reacting to immediate industry needs by manufacturing products to repair mining and agriculture implements. This ‘business as usual’ model dramatically shifted in 2016 when EHS Manufacturing developed its first international patent, thus owning the product it manufactured. This represented a shift from being reactive in its operations to a proactively driven, future-focused model.

Tassal is Australia’s largest black tiger prawn producer, with more than 350 people employed at Tassal’s aquaculture facilities in the Whitsunday region during the peak season.

Blue AgriTech is Tassal’s integrated Smart Farming Platform, comprising expertise, innovation and infrastructure that provides access to a multitude of different technologies for decision support and farm management.

‘The availability of data 24/7 means that decisions on environmental management and prawn health are made in real time, and are proactive instead of reactive,’ notes Michaela Krutz, Water Quality Manager at the Proserpine Prawn Farm.

Blue AgriTech provides real-time data, analysis and delivery of key management practices across Tassal’s farming operations.

Part of the roadmap is to grow a sustainable agri-system while being a global centre for AgTech.

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