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Farming Forward: How Technology is Revolutionising Cane Farming for Bessie and Sam Orr

29 May 2024

Farming Forward: How Technology is Revolutionising Cane Farming for Bessie and Sam Orr | Agtech Hub

Step into the forefront of farming with Bessie and Sam Orr, where technology empowers and enhances traditional practices, optimising water efficiencies, sustainability, and productivity for today’s agriculture!

Bessie and Sam Orr, progressive cane farmers from Proserpine, understand the challenges facing modern agriculture. By leveraging advanced technologies, they are leading a charge towards sustainable and efficient farming practices. Their success story serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative impact technology can have on agricultural operations.

Here’s a closer look at how they’re leading the way and reaping substantial benefits in efficiency, sustainability, and productivity through the use of technology:

  • Irrigation: The Orrs have upgraded their irrigation systems significantly. They’ve transitioned to more efficient pumps and moved irrigation underground, reducing water loss and energy consumption. Automation, facilitated by SRA Mackay trials, where an app enables remote control of pump operations, saving time and effort .
  • Productivity: Utilising a yield monitor on their harvester provides the Orrs with precise data on paddock variability. This allows them to identify constraints and adjust fertilisation strategies accordingly to optimise crop potential.
  • Weather Monitoring: Installing weather stations on their farm allows the Orrs to collect accurate data on wind, rain, and temperature. This information, combined with weather predictions from apps, assists in decision-making, particularly concerning optimal conditions for spraying and other operations.
  • Nutrient Management: Regular soil testing aids Sam and Bessie in tailoring nutrient plans for optimal crop health. They collaborate with local services like SRA, SSP, Pursehouse Rural, and Farmacist for support and to explore new practices, such as using lime and gypsum.
  • Record Keeping: The Orrs have embraced technology for record-keeping, integrating interactive screens and GPS systems in their tractors. This technology simplifies data management and ensures accuracy in tracking operations like fertilisation rates.

Additionally, Bessie is involved in fostering knowledge exchange and innovation within the farming community through her leadership in the Proserpine Young Farmers group. This collective engagement ensures that emerging practices are shared and adopted, contributing to the industry’s growth and sustainability.

The Orrs’ commitment to sustainable agriculture and continuous improvement not only benefits their farm but also sets an example for the broader farming community, highlighting the importance of embracing technology to meet the evolving demands of modern agriculture while prioritising environmental stewardship.

Dive deeper and watch the video of Bessie and Sam’s story at CaneRise Mackay Whitsunday.


You can also learn more about the technology Bessie and Sam have adopted through SRA’s irrigation technology story.

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