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Farmers2Founders Launches Agtech Accelerator Programs in Queensland: Startups, Apply Before 30 June!

4 June 2024

Farmers2Founders Launches Agtech Accelerator Programs in Queensland: Startups, Apply Before 30 June! | Agtech Hub

Queensland’s agricultural sector is set to receive a major boost with the introduction of Farmers2Founders’ state-based accelerator programs.

Partnering with the Queensland Venture Capital Development Fund (VCDF), managed by Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC), Farmers2Founders aims to drive innovation and support agtech startups across the region.

What’s Happening?

Farmers2Founders, a prominent player in Australia’s agtech ecosystem, has secured funding from the VCDF to launch pre-accelerator and accelerator programs tailored for early-stage founders and established agtech startups. These programs will run annually in 2024 and 2025, each supporting 10 participants, totalling 40 over two years. Both the Accelerator and Pre-Accelerator kick off August 2024. The first pre-accelerator applications close on 30 June.

Key benefits for greater Whitsunday region

The introduction of these programs is a significant development for the Greater Whitsunday region’s agricultural community. Here’s why:

  1. Enhanced Support for Agtech Startups: The programs focus is on product development, customer engagement, business modelling, and investment readiness. This comprehensive support helps startups grow and scale effectively.
  2. Access to Funding and Investment Opportunities: Participants will benefit from greater access to investment through the involvement of five leading venture capital firms. This can be crucial for scaling operations and reaching new markets.
  3. Tailored to Industry Needs: Recognising the unique challenges of the agriculture sector and taking a producer-centric approach. Farmers2Founders offers customised solutions that adapt to the specific needs of each startup, ensuring relevant and practical support to fuel success.
  4. Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion: As a female-founded company, Farmers2Founders is dedicated to supporting female entrepreneurs in agtech, fostering diversity and inclusion within the industry.

Success Stories

With over five years of operation, Farmers2Founders has supported 250+ startups and scaleups nationwide. Of those, 45 agtech pathway participants have hailed from Queensland, including Cloncurry-based, Luke Chaplain founder of SkyKelpie and Brisbane-based, Carina Steinbakk, founder of Aevi Tech.

  • Luke Chaplain, founder of SkyKelpie: Farmers2Founders turned Luke’s idea into a thriving business. “I had no idea that my classroom daydream and fun paddock experiment would turn me into an entrepreneur, and create an agtech product that will now see me pitch at BEEF Week. SkyKelpie may have started as a curious idea in my head, but my start-up journey really began for me at Farmers2Founders. Throughout the whole process, I’ve been supported by the team at Farmers2Founders and I continue to benefit immensely from their pathway and programs. The VCDF program is an exciting opportunity for our industry and I encourage fellow Queensland agtechs to take advantage of the Farmers2Founders support.”
  • Carina Steinbakk, founder of Aevi Tech: “As a female founder and entrepreneur, with no previous agtech experience, the start of my business journey with Aevi Tech was daunting. Finding Farmers2Founders was crucial in gaining the support I needed to grow and succeed in farm biosecurity with CertMate, as well as empower me as a female entrepreneur to confidently contribute to the agtech sector”

Farmers2Founders’ new accelerator programs present a unique opportunity for agtech startups in Queensland to access tailored support, investment opportunities, and a robust network of industry experts.

By fostering innovation and sustainability, these programs are set to drive significant growth and advancement in the region’s agricultural sector. For local farmers and agtech suppliers, this initiative promises a future of enhanced productivity and technological advancement.

VCDF QLD Accelerator program | APPLY HERE

VCDF QLD Pre-Accelerator program | APPLY HERE

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