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Exploring Agribusiness Innovation: Insights from EvokeAg 2024 Conference

29 February 2024

Exploring Agribusiness Innovation: Insights from EvokeAg 2024 Conference | Agtech Hub

Last week, a delegation of five representatives from the Greater Whitsunday region had the privilege of attending the EvokeAg conference in Perth. During the conference, the group connected with the Queensland Government delegation at various networking events, fostering collaboration and sharing insights within the Queensland agricultural community.

The EvokeAg delegation’s overall mission was to advocate for the Greater Whitsunday region’s agricultural interests and learn more about the challenges, solutions, opportunities and benefits experienced by others nationwide and worldwide.  The group was also exposed to plenty of content on adopting technology, exploring emerging tech and collaborative opportunities that can bolster our thriving industry on a global scale.

READ the key insights gathered from the conference:

  1. Believe in Australian Innovation: The resounding message echoed throughout the conference was the need to champion Australian innovation. As delegates from the Greater Whitsunday region, we were reminded of our region and our nation’s leadership in innovation and the importance of backing ourselves as we navigate the evolving landscape of agribusiness.
  2. Shared Responsibility in AgTech Adoption: As a region, we know that the adoption of agricultural technology (AgTech) is not solely the responsibility of producers. Instead, it is a shared endeavour that involves active participation from corporate entities, government bodies, and supply chains. This message was reiterated at the conference, to remind everyone with any involvement in agriculture that collaboration across all sectors is essential to drive meaningful progress and ensure the widespread adoption of innovative technologies.
  3. Prioritise Carbon Emission Reduction Strategies: Amid growing concerns about climate change and reaching net zero emissions targets, there is an urgent need to prioritise the implementation of strategies aimed at reducing carbon emissions in agriculture. By embracing sustainable practices and investing in carbon reduction initiatives, we can minimise our environmental footprint and contribute to a more resilient agricultural sector.
  4. Unlocking Opportunities Through Collaboration: Collaboration emerged as a recurring theme underscoring the importance of partnerships in unlocking new opportunities. By fostering collaborative relationships within the industry and beyond, we can harness collective expertise and resources to drive innovation and propel our agricultural sector forward.

As we reflect on our experience at EvokeAg, we invite fellow stakeholders and industry professionals to share their insights and perspectives and join our Greater Whitsunday AgTech Hub Community.

What key takeaways did you gain from the conference? How do you envision the future of agribusiness innovation? Your comments and contributions are invaluable as we collectively strive to shape the future of agriculture in the Greater Whitsunday region and beyond.

To learn more about key themes discussed at EvokeAg, “Exploring the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the imperative of decarbonisation in the agricultural sector”, follow this link below:

Catch event highlights here.

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