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Signature Beef

The Angus Family purchased their first cattle station in 1960. Their Angus Butchery in Bowen was the first investment that helped bring their prime beef to their customers’ doorsteps. With their brands of Oino Gustus, Kimberly Red and Sondella, Signature Beef quickly grew into one of Queensland’s most recognisable premium beef brands, merging a strong tradition in cattle-raising with a culture of innovation. Signature Beef exports to 30 countries, selling our premium cuts to some of the world’s top restaurants, butchers and wholesalers.

“Bespoke Beef is our delivery service which brings us closer and connects us to the final end user. Delivering to households and restaurants across Melbourne, Sydney and Southeast Queensland, it provides us with an opportunity to share our story of the land, the cattle, and our family history.”

Angus Pastoral Company operates four properties along the east coast of Australia, running a herd of 40,000 Angus Belmont Red cross cattle on 160,000 hectares of prime cattle country.

Signature Onfarm now rounds out the group with a state-of-the-art greenfield abattoir. The company offers an immersive supply chain experience and a world of opportunity. “We focus on taking our product to the next level by capturing as much value from the animal as possible.”


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