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Grassroots approach to agtech solutions

Dylan Wedel has a grassroots approach to agtech.

Integrating agtech solutions on your farm or agribusiness doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Dylan is the Sugar Research Australia Central District Manager and part of his mission is to create and broaden opportunities in irrigation with the help of agtech products found at the local hardware store.

“The biggest opportunity that I saw was around the irrigation space. Irrigation utilization in the region is nowhere near as high as what it potentially could be.

“We’re trying to grab what’s out there and apply it to the sugar industry. So that’s how we’re bringing agtech into the sugar industry, mainly through irrigation.

“There are profitability concerns out there and that might be why growers aren’t irrigating. We want to work with all those growers to improve their efficiencies, and dispel those myths because irrigation is profitable in this region,” Dylan said.


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