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Agtech case studies play a crucial role in sharing knowledge, fostering innovation, supporting decision-making, and driving positive change in the agricultural sector. They provide valuable lessons and practical insights that can benefit producers, researchers, policymakers, investors, and other stakeholders involved in agtech adoption and implementation. Share your agtech success story here and contribute to knowledge sharing and innovation in agriculture.

Enhancing Cane Farming Through Technology Adoption Case Study | Agtech Hub

Enhancing Cane Farming Through Technology Adoption

Bessie and Sam Orr, rooted in generations of farming tradition in Proserpine, Queensland, expanded their operations over a decade ago by acquiring neighbouring ...

Tech Type

Automation, predictive apps, interactive screens and GPS systems

Learn about Enhancing Cane Farming Through Technology Adoption


  • Bessie Orr
  • Sam Orr
Making irrigation easier while increasing your profit line Case Study | Agtech Hub

Making irrigation easier while increasing your profit line

Dylan has worked out how to make irrigation easier with cost effective products found at your local hardware store. He is sharing this knowledge with growers in ...

Tech Type

Irrigation automation systems

Learn about Making irrigation easier while increasing your profit line


  • Dylan Wedel
Project Catalyst Case Study | Agtech Hub

Project Catalyst

Change requires a new way of thinking – something many farmers have been doing for generations. Modifying machinery and implements on farm to achieve practice ...

Tech Type

Sustainable management systems

Learn about Project Catalyst

Eden Lassie Agave Spirit Farm Case Study | Agtech Hub

Eden Lassie Agave Spirit Farm

From its ancient beginnings in North America, to now emerging in the Australian agricultural landscape, Agave is leading the future of agtech adoption. The ...

Tech Type

GPS systems, drone technology

Learn about Eden Lassie Agave Spirit Farm


  • Chris Monsour
VeeJays Kalfresh Case Study | Agtech Hub

VeeJays Kalfresh

The Jurgens Family are fifth generation farmers who have been growing tomatoes in the Bowen region since 1915. The Jurgens pride themselves on growing ...

Tech Type

Interactive weather/soil probes, drones and imagery

Learn about VeeJays Kalfresh


  • Melita Jurgens
  • Jamie Jurgens
Signature Beef Case Study | Agtech Hub

Signature Beef

The Angus Family purchased their first cattle station in 1960. Their Angus Butchery in Bowen was the first investment that helped bring their prime beef to ...

Tech Type


Learn about Signature Beef


  • Blair Angus
  • Josie Angus
Masterbeef Case Study | Agtech Hub


Darren Hamblin and his wife, Melanie Hamblin run a beef grazing operation in the Blue Mountain range, located near Sarina.  However, for the past 20 years they ...

Tech Type

App- based software

Learn about Masterbeef


  • Darren Hamblin
  • Melanie Hamblin
Marto’s Mangoes Case Study | Agtech Hub

Marto’s Mangoes

Based in Bowen, Marto’s Mangoes is a major supplier of mangoes to Coles and Woolworth’s throughout Australia, not only supplying Australia’s major supermarkets, ...

Tech Type

Robotic Automation, GPS, automated water and fertilising systems

Learn about Marto’s Mangoes


  • Ben Martin
  • Ash-Lei Martin
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