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A World-class Greater Whitsunday Agrifood System Empowered by Technology and Collaboration

The Greater Whitsunday Agtech Hub is an initiative of the Agribusiness Futures Alliance project, supported by Greater Whitsunday Alliance (GW3) and other key stakeholders. The project launched in 2020 and is a collaborative effort to develop a robust agriculture and agribusiness sector for the future. This includes transforming the sectors through technology.

In 2021, the Agribusiness Futures Alliance received a Food Innovation Australia (FIAL) Cluster Grant to support its work towards increasing technology adoption across agriculture. Creating the Greater Whitsunday Agtech Portal is central to the long term success of the Greater Whitsunday Agtech Hub.

Achieving Our Vision

  • Bringing new concepts, talent and capabilities to the region and taking the region to the world.
  • Building producers’ capability to source, select and implement agtech solutions.
  • Encouraging innovation and growth in the local agricultural sector. Including indoor agriculture, waste reduction, value-adding and circular economies.
  • Showcasing career opportunities in the Greater Whitsunday’s agrifood and aquaculture industry.
  • Attracting investment to relevant projects in the region.

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Our Vision

A world-class Greater Whitsunday agrifood system empowered by technology and collaboration.

Our Purpose

To provide resources, facilitate collaboration and build capacity so that producers and agribusinesses in the Greater Whitsunday embrace and adopt innovative agtech solutions.

Becoming Part of the Hub

Becoming a part of the new Greater Whitsunday Agtech Hub community means being a part of a sustainable and productive agriculture industry.

Connect with others to learn and exchange ideas or find your next business partner or collaboration opportunity.

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Our Funding Partners

Our collaboration with funding partners make what we do possible.

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